EBS lime kilns

EBS has assembled a broad spectrum of expertise about the various types of lime shaft kilns to assist our customers with their existing facilities.

This occurred partly due to the more than 400 lime kilns constructed in the sugar and soda industry using coke, anthracite, natural gas and petroleum as fuels.

The spectrum was also expanded with the takeover of the company H.J. Schaffrath GmbH on January 1st, 2008, making EBS the owner of mechanical systems in use then, now and in the future in hundreds of other types of lime kilns.

Last but not least, we also have over 25 years experience in the new construction and modernisation of refractory linings for all of the kiln types used in the lime industry. In this regard the Schwab brand is a guarantee around the world for innovations. 

United into one company, we can project, construct, supply and start-up a wide range of kiln types as complete systems for our customers.

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