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We decide to expand our presence in the

British market and merge with the British

company PCI. The newly formed company

Möller PCI soon becomes the market

leader in refractory installations in lime and

cement plants.

The time is ripe! The individual

companies Eberhardt GmbH and

Schwab GmbH merge and, from now

on, operate under the new name


to provide all lime kiln operators with

a unique product range from a single

source. This does not only create

synergies but, true to the motto

“Fusion of Competencies”, offers our

customers an added value that

is truly convincing.

Möller celebrates its 50th anniversary. Since its foundation, the location in

Lemgo has developed into a “competence center” for the whole M-Group.

Almost every 4 years, the facility has been systematically extended. The

expansion of the management board goes hand in hand with the construction

of the “Bridge” which marks the completion of the remodeling works of the


With the founding of Möller Ireland in Mullingar/

Ireland, we can proudly say “We are Irish”, a slogan

which is filled with life each and every day.

Ireland is a small but very important market for the

M-Group. With an individual marketing concept and

a small local warehouse we soon become a valued

partner on the island.

The M-Group expands its presence in the UK. With a local

agency and a warehouse in Rotherham, we are creating another

foothold in a European country. The Globalization and our

good reputation among multinational groups open many

doors to us.

The company Eberhardt fromWolfenbüttel joins the group of

companies. An important and courageous

step towards plant engineering because Eberhardt

designs and builds complete lime burning plants.

More than 500 lime shaft kilns especially in the sugar

and soda industries are “Eberhardt” kilns.

Our subsidiary in Poland constitutes an important

bridgehead to Eastern Europe. Möller Polska

provides highly qualified specialists in the field of

refractory technology who can be deployed all over

the world.

Together with Harald Schwab the company

Schwab is founded. A real stroke of luck because

we can expand our business area with a unique

concept to cover also vertical lime shaft kilns.

Gerhard Möller gradually retires from active business while

Klaus and Anke Röpke take over the management.

The globalization of markets is perceived as an opportu-

nity for the company’s growth on an international level.

The brand name “M-Group” is taking shape

and will become our distinctive company logo

in the years to come.

The business activities are continuously becoming

more diverse. Until then, Möller was mainly active

on a regional or national level, now more and more orders

are coming from abroad.

Dipl.-Betriebswirt Klaus Röpke joins

the company followed by his wife,

Dipl.-Kauffrau Anke Röpke, née Möller,

daughter of the founder, two years

later. Thus, the 2nd generation is

gradually entering the family


Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Möller takes over the former Lemgo branch of the long-

established company Ferbeck & Cie. On 1st May 1966, the company Möller is founded.

This is the beginning of the systematic restructuring of the company, away from

chimney construction towards refractory engineering.










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Enjoy the difference ...