Service ... more than just a word!

We’re there when our customers need us, with everything they ask for, from refractory materials to the perfectly compiled assembly team, to an exemplary range of machinery. We remove whatever materials are left over after the job is done. With our engineering and advance quantity dispatched, you have the guarantee that there will be no delays at the construction site. And you only pay for what you have actually used.

With larger-scale construction sites and those that are further away we additionally bring our own extensively equipped “Toolbox” container. These mobile machinery and equipment facilities are a special M-Group standard unique to the company. They ensure that our colleagues always have the high-quality tools and equipment they need and are accustomed to. This boosts cost efficiency by saving time, and also ensures that everything will be expertly assembled.

Our 24/7 Hotline availability means we are always there for you in emergencies to provide prompt, unbureaucratic help. Our project engineers give you reliable expert advice, and our structures ensure that everything runs smoothly! Our aim is minimise your standstills and downtime as much as possible so that you can begin concentrating on your daily business again.

Over 3,000 tonnes of refractory products in stock!

The rapid availability of refractory products is the key for us to carry out effective repairs or the refractory relining of industrial kilns. This is why we maintain a careful selection of refractory products from acclaimed manufacturers in stock so that we can fulfil your requirements as needed flexibly and quickly. These stocks include: 

  • Our selected, certified products – Stones and unshaped products (concretes) in all variations and qualities (fireclay, high alumina, magnesia, insulation materials, etc.)
  • Lime kiln technology products made on the basis of magnesite and used in shaft kilns, also including products from our own “LIMELINE” series: The recipe and composition of these products are rooted in our own experience and our Eberhardt kilns.
  • Special products and formats that we keep in stock and on hold for specific customers and their kiln aggregates. This is a special service that we provide for customers with fast availabilities and specially required formats.
  • We maintain refractory warehouse stocks in:
    • (DE) Lemgo
    • (GB) Rotherham
    • (IRL) Mullingar
    • (RU) Noworossiysk

Our extensive warehouses stock products from all the relevant manufacturers. They also house our logistics operations and our 24/7 assembly teams so that you can rest assured of rapid repairs or relining measures as needed.