Project Management

The new construction, retrofitting, modernisation and optimisation of refractory aggregates must be perfectly planned, constructed and implemented, and completed with an equally perfect finish. The early inclusion of refractory specialists in the planning phase for a major multifaceted project prevents teams from different disciplines overlapping and “stepping on each other’s toes”, as well as the unnecessary extra expenses this can cause during the crucial phase. We work with our customers to come up with concepts that already contribute productively to the overall concept. We can provide you with our own in-house refractory concepts on a turnkey basis (engineering, material supply, assembly, project management) from a single-source with no particular manufacturer affiliation, as well as taking care of only portions of your project. MORE...


During a construction phase it is key to have smooth material transports, productive personnel planning and the effective deployment of machinery. We provide all this combined with professional logistics via highly skilled project management. Coordinating with other participating work discipline teams and integrating everyone involved in the overall development of a project is our daily routine. Our project specialists can always be reached 24/7 (Hotline), otherwise conducting their work quietly and with maximum efficiency in the background. 

We cover every aspect of refractory aggregates from a position right in the middle of the work and never on the sidelines, so customers can always be sure we’re “on the same page”. Our customers profit from our proven specialists. International experience, multilingual language skills and specialist expertise are their tools. Our logistics and production teams are hard at work in the background, forming the indispensable foundation needed for successful project management.
It goes without saying that successful project management also includes a professional finish. This involves your construction approval as well as our provision of prompt, seamless project documentation digitally in all the required languages using commonly familiar programmes and data carrier formats.  

And by the way – We don’t simply comply with the corresponding safety concepts, certifications and legal provisions; often enough we go further than they do, augmenting them with sensible additional measures. We regard it as an obvious “must” to be pioneering in this regard and a true leader in our industry. This is borne out by our accident statistics, our safety training and the fact that our partner company RefraSolid specialises in safety technology.