Refractory assembly ... More sophisticated than you might think!

Today’s refractory assemblies are far more complex than can be properly executed by a sole refractory builder working alone. In addition to qualified refractory builders, other skills such as injection technology, machinery operation and more are increasingly required and becoming increasingly important. Highly qualified employees including welders, mechatronics engineers, mechanical engineers, formwork erectors, etc. ensure that everything goes hand-in-hand. MORE...


And speaking of hand-in-hand, the very latest mechanical engineering and high-quality processing procedures also go hand-in-hand with the qualification and continuous advanced training and development of our personnel. We’ve revolutionised shotcast technology, working closely with an acclaimed manufacturer to constantly improve and perfect the process. This type of injection technology is one of our key skills. Of course, our portfolio also encompasses every other process for the installation of refractory concretes, and we are experts in all of them. 

Our PREFABRICATION facilities at our premises in Lemgo, Germany are unique. We assemble transportable refractory modules (piping, burners, infeed chambers, etc.) and individual mould components and dry them in our drying kilns. For us, protected, spacious assembly halls including gantry cranes (up to 32 tonnes) provide the best framework conditions for smooth assembly. This saves you travel and overnight accommodation costs, along with on-site assembly spaces and weatherproofing. 

We offer the following refractory assembly components for you to combine according to your needs and wishes: 

  • Provision of demolition personnel, demolition robots and machinery for repairs and partial renovations
  • Expert disposal of waste materials as needed
  • Provision of the latest high-quality devices and machinery for relining
  • Provision of specialist personnel to operate machinery and devices, and for the expert assembly of refractory materials
  • Provision of highly qualified specialists and injection technicians for the introduction of unmolded refractory concretes into every current assembly process (dry gunning, LC dry gunning, NC dry gunning, shotcasting, etc.)
  • Provision of specialised formwork carpenters and welders on-site for the preparation of concreting work
  • Provision of helpers for material transports, carrying out cutting work and all ancillary work relevant to assembly
  • Provision of safety personnel (work safety specialist, safety officer, emergency responders, confined space rescuer, watchman, etc.)
  • Execution of hot repairs and video inspections while the facility is running
  • Prefabrication or supplementary production in our plant in Lemgo
  • Project monitoring by skilled project-engineers
  • Drying and heating of refractory facilities


Our personnel have received extensive training in their specialist fields and in safety matters!