Safety Products

  • The RS PowerNet-System is an additional solution for protecting areas from falling parts.
  • The RS SafetyWeb-System is without a doubt the simplest and most innovative means of protecting danger zones under ceilings.
  • The RS Protector2 is the ideal protection for safely accessing your rotary kiln without having to first remove the deposits inside.
  • The RS Kiln Elevator: Going up safely! This mobile platform was specially designed and constructed for deployment in industrial plants and to correspond with the safety standards not just from today, but also tomorrow. It features a modular construction and two-stage expandability. The complete platform opens easily from the top and can be installed up to a height of 60 metres without the necessity of removing deposits from the existing FF lining.
  • The RS Scaffold Bracket is our solution for added safety in the conscientious handling of system scaffolding supporting elements.