Safety Training

In addition to the important safety products that we market, the conscientious handling of these products and the issue of safety in general are also hugely important. This is why we augment our regular programme of internal training measures with additional external training sessions and workshops for our customers and partners. MORE...


In-house seminars

  • We and our customers cooperate in determining the dates, locations and participants for individual training.  
  • An agenda is drafted according to the individual circumstances and wishes of our customer.
  • Our services include on-site training of the participants in the workplace. In this way we oversee the installation and handling of the safety products in their designated areas.

Workshops and advanced training seminars in our training facility in Lemgo (Groups up to 20 persons max.)

  • Our customers register their chosen employees with us, who come to us then from various plants and industrial sectors. A decisive element of the training also consists of their knowledge transfer between one another. Our motto here is that you should also learn from each other!
  • The M-Academy specialises in themes that have been implemented for years in customer projects with consultation, supervision and participation. This is demonstrated in a strong focus on actual practice.
  • The M-Academy seminars are conducted by proven experts from RefraSolid, joined by construction and trade association speakers, qualified employees from safety and certification companies and leading universities and institutes.

In addition to covering safety issues, our seminars also include instruction on the latest developments and innovations in project management and refractory and lime kiln technology, adapted individually to the particular industry needs of our customers.  

Upon completion of every seminar each participant receives a training certificate for the corresponding products. 

Workshops and seminars hosted on our premises are always in great demand. We restrict the numbers of participants in order to ensure an enjoyable and intensive training atmosphere. You can inquire with us any time about the topics, dates and costs, and we can arrange individual agreements for on-site seminars.