Safety technology. That’s us.

Our safety technology is indispensable today for any company needing to conduct safe repairs and assemblies in refractory facilities or industrial plants.

RefraSolid has been a leader for many years in the development and sale of innovative safety and workplace safety technology. Our roots trace back to the cement industry, starting in the field of safeguarding heavy refractory lids in industrial kilns. These and many other interesting systems are available today for this industry and others (lime kilns, waste incineration, wood-based materials, etc.). MORE...

Our highly innovative team of specialists is constantly developing well-conceived products that make life significantly safer for refractory industry employees. They also train the safety personnel and supervisors of our customers and partners. The M-Academy offers pragmatic advanced learning on the general issue of safety, and in particular in working with our easy-to-learn safety systems. 

Valuable know-how from refractory assemblies project management goes into our training measures. We also offer individual concepts used by our design engineers to develop customised safeguarding systems as integrative, customised solutions.

And by the way, we also take care of the annual maintenance and monitoring of your safety aggregates. Of course, we also develop safety products and concepts regardless of the assembly. If however the refractory repair is also carried out by the M-Group, the circle is then completed with a safe, worry-free assembly because we can gather and analyse all of the various work disciplines and project-relevant details and include them in a coherent, well-rounded safety concept.