Lime shaft kilns. That’s us!

For over 150 years the name Eberhardt has stood for extremely reliable lime kiln construction in the sugar and soda industry, and for the lime milk and cleaning systems that go along with it. But that’s not nearly everything we do!  MORE...


In 2008 we integrated the Schaffrath engineering firm into the Eberhardt division, adding to our team its proven specialists for hydraulic feeding and discharge systems for all shaft kiln types. We also integrated the refractory specialists at Schwab, the company responsible in recent decades for pioneering optimisations to lime shaft kilns in the refractory sector. The result is the convergence of a unique constellation and concentration of lime shaft kiln expertise.  

In addition to our own product palette, Eberhardt is now able to build, optimise and modify all shaft kiln types and systems (mixed-fuel kilns, multi-chamber furnaces, GGR kilns, annular shaft kilns, etc.) The “Retrofit” is constantly gaining in importance, as are kiln operation process control and monitoring. We already introduced digitalisation a few years ago. Much of our activity is focused on Research & Development and the further development of the kiln process, often in conjunction with our customers.