Refractory technology. That’s us!

For over 50 years the Möller company has stood for the highest level of expertise in the field of refractory technology. Our core sectors of engineering, refractory assembly, materials management and project management position us to provide turnkey refractory services for everything from small repairs to major large-scale projects. MORE...


We have been an integral component of a wide variety of industries for decades, with a depth of knowledge about the particularities of refractory technology that is virtually unparalled by any other company. We are your source for professional personnel, the very latest in mechanical engineering and high-quality construction materials. Our design engineers apply their many years of know-how to perfectly plan quantities and qualities in advance. With our project managers, you are in expert hands before, during and after the construction phase. Our company representative assigned as your contact person is at your side throughout to provide you with the very best expertise and advice. The standards we set for ourselves are very high indeed. 

We are pioneers in special refractory lining technologies. We maintain over 3,000 tonnes of refractory material in our warehouses in order to be able to assist quickly and flexibly in emergencies. Our wide-ranging multilingual team of “native speakers” along with our unique logistics enable us to intervene in faraway countries and remote locations throughout the world in the shortest possible time. We are there for you on six continents, so we feel at home everywhere. 

We deal with foreign cultures in a respectful manner, bringing locals and specialists together at our construction sites. Our customers value and appreciate this, often in the form of trusting working relationships lasting for decades. For us, this is the best confirmation we can have, that our approach is the right one. It is also our greatest motivation to improve ever-more, day after day.