Digital World

In cooperation with the local university we continue as we have in the past to constantly analyse and optimise processes or mechanics with flow simulations. From 2006 to today the quality and the level of detail in these simulations has significantly increased, ultimately as a result of increasing CPU performance capability. MORE...


Even with all the advanced performance capability of computers and programmes, in a flow simulation a comparison must be made of the result and the reality, at best initially on the basis of known framework conditions.

Only after this verification should variations be simulated which are then implemented in collaboration with the customer. 

The penetration depth of fuel or a flame in a discharge, like that which appears in every type of lime shaft kiln, is a general question. 

With the help of a verified simulation we were able to prove that penetration depths of only 30cm should be considered as assured. Common opinion predicted far greater penetration depths. 

3D constructions are a MUST today. In particular, the possibility of collision monitoring with movable parts brings increased planning security and reduces auditing costs. 

The volume models can also be used very well in the area of refractory construction to precisely determine material quantities and assembly effort. 
In discussions with customers, the 3D plans also help to visually depict the technical benefits or the new solution, making it more comprehensible and persuasive as a result. 

3D construction and simulations complement each other perfectly to help forecast and verify the influence of theoretical assumptions and constructive changes to the material distribution. 

Digitalisation and the availability of information give pause for thought regarding future cooperation and collaboration. 

It will be feasible to also advise and support our customers over great distances. Modern, archived and problem-related communication along with intelligent worldwide replacement parts storage represent only two of many approaches.